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“How to burn a soy candle safely” and “How to light and burn a soy candle for optimal results!”

Let’s cover some basics, but just as importantly, let’s go over how to burn an Hawaiian Soy Candle safely and efficiently to provide incredible results and long-lasting burn times!

When you’re burning candles, let’s first go over two basics to help you with your safety. These are the BASICS, and we’re sure there could be additional hazards not covered by this article, so let’s start with the “two basics” of burning anything! (this is for anyone’s general information- we cannot be held responsible for anyone’s neglect or use of fire that may cause any damage to himself/herself or anyone/anything else!)

1) Responsible Adults only! If you’re a minor, or impaired, or unable to act with authority within reason, you should not be using fire under any circumstances, let alone to burn candles within or outside your area.

2) If you’re not certain whether or not you should be lighting a candle or burning anything, then DON’T. It’s not worth the liability to be lighting things on fire!

“How To Properly and Safely Burn An Hawaiian-Candle Soy Candle!

1) Unpack the candle and read any warnings and instructions.

2) Locate your desired “burn spot” for the candle. Make certain your “burn spot” is on a level area without major breezes or winds, away from anything potentially hazardous, and out of the reach of pets or children/toddlers/etc.

3) Only burn your candle on hard surfaces, and if you’re uncertain about the heat sensitivity of the burn surface, place a flat oven mit under the candle to protect the burn surface. Make certain the oven mit is flat and will not allow the candle to tip or become unstable.

4) Only use a safe candle lighting accessory. Candle lighters are recommended, but you may also use a long match or lighter, providing the match is extinguished properly, and that the lighter will not cause burns when tipping to light the wick.

5) Take a look at the wick. Our candles normally have a wick that is no longer than 1/4 inch. Some candles are shipped with much longer
wicks, which may cause unnecessary soot or flame hazards. If any candle wick you are lighting is longer than 1/4” tall, trim any additional un-lit wick length with toe-nail clippers prior to lighting. Should you choose to light a longer wick, make certain you observe the lit candle/wick for at least 15 minutes to make certain the wick burns into the wax, where an expected wick/wax reaction can start to take place. If your candle’s wick is shorter than 1/4 inch, it may take additional lighting effort to get the wick into normal “burn mode” into the wax.

6) When burning an Hawaiian-Candle, make certain that you allow it to “pool” each time, meaning that the wax is able to “pool” or “melt” into an entire circle around the container. Failing to allow an Hawaiian-Candle to “pool” when lit may cause “tunneling,” which can result in your Hawaiian Candle to leave excess wax around the container. Should you have to extinguish your Hawaiian-Candles candle prior to allowing it to pool, simply give it extra time to pool upon the next lighting, realizing that it may tunnel overall. It is recommended to closely monitor your Hawaiian-Candle and to not let it burn for more than 4 hours per burning.

7) When your Hawaiian Candle reaches close to a 1/4” inch of wax at the bottom of the container, simply extinguish the container and use the remnant wax and container as a “melt,” meaning you can safely heat the remnant wax in a safe candle wax melter to continue enjoying the aroma of your Hawaiian Candle. You can also scrape the remnant wax, discard the wick, and use the wax as a “tart” or “melt” in a safe candle melting unit. You can also choose to discard the wax, wash your container in a dish washer or by hand to discard the remnant wax, and use your Hawaiian Candle container as an office organizer gadget (such as for thum tacks or staples,) or simply discard to the nearest recycling center. 

8) Extinguishing your candle: When ready to extinguish your candle, we recommend a “candle extinguishing accessory” which can be found on your search engine. If this tool is not available, you can “blow out your candle,” making certain you have a wetted paper towel available to extinguish any traveling flames. We also recommend having a fire extinguisher nearby for any flame hazard, should your candle (or any other fire hazard) become out of hand. Make sure you check your fire extinguisher for its range of fire hazard ability. (Some fire extinguishers are rated differently than others.) And as with any candle, make certain you’re not burning or attempting to extinguish your candle in an area that could be dry or a fire hazard, such as while working in a gas propane lab.

*Disclaimer: There are many types of candles, and many types of candle burners (people). And there are also many types of irresponsible people in general. These instructions are only to offer you guidance in getting the most out of our Hawaiian Candles as also to provide general safety tips. These are offered free of advice and we are not endorsing nor receiving any type of recommendations from any local, state, country, or universal fire professionals. PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE. KEEP KIDS AND PETS AND HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AWAY FROM YOUR CANDLES AND BURNING MATERIALS! Let’s try to keep this a FREE world where we can still burn candles without preventible intervention!

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