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Our Soy Candle “Scoring System” to help you decide on which candle(s) may be best for you!

WAIT! Before you read this page, please refer to our instructions about “How To Burn A Soy Candle!” It’s really important!

Did you know that the way your nose senses smells is an incredibly unique process, and that humans smell things slightly and vastly differently based on these senses? Have you ever been in an elevator and smelled a really bad odor emitted from one of your fellow passengers that didn’t seem to warrant any other reactions? Or perhaps, on the opposite, have you ever had a friend or family member “blame the dog” when you didn’t notice anything going on?

And there are many more examples: When does it make your friend “sick” to smell a certain food when you’re actually excited and “made hungry” by smelling this same odor? Or, when were you close to sick from smelling something when your friend found it inviting?

Having said all this, we have, with our own testing, that which may not or may work for you, come up with a “scoring system” to help you (at least with our test subjects nostrils’ in question) decide which Hawaiian Candles to purchase.

These scores are for our 4oz Hawaiian Natural Poured Soy Candle Tins, with no artificial ingredients added to promoted fragrance

Hawaiian Candle Smell Score (Lit and Unlit)

These scores are based on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being “lightest” and 5 being “strongest” These are relative to our own candle products, tested at our facility, with many (from 5 to 25 test subjects.) These are not scientifically proven, and only wish to assist you, hopefully a “normal” sniff-whiffing candle lover. Forgive us if you purchase and these test scores don’t match with scoring systems. You’re more than welcome to email us and tell us of your experience. Perhaps we could start a “sniff forum.”

Before you light one of our Hawaiian Soy Candles, please read our “How to burn a soy candle safely” article page!

Not Burning (Unlit) Candle Scores:

1) Weak. Must put nose close to unlit candle
2) Small. Must put nose within inches or feet of unlit candle
3) Medium. Must put nose within a few feet of unlit candle
4) Strong. Must have nose within 5 to 10 feet of unlit candle
5) Maximum. Your nose will smell this candle unlit in a small to  normal size room (given time to circulate).

Burning (Lit) Candle Scores Based on our “How to burn a soy candle system”

1) Weak. Slight smell of fragrance in a small room with no or small ventilation.
2) Small. Definite smell of fragrance in small room with small or medium ventilation.
3) Medium. Slight smell even close to a room with candle burning in small to medium ventilation.
4) Strong. Strong smell of lit candle in small to medium unventilated or semi-ventilated room.
5) Maximum. Trace smells throughout even a large home (unventilated) or smaller ventilated home. Over powering for most small confined spaces. Very strong fragrance for the size candle.

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