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Hawaiian Candle Gift Baskets

Hawaiian Candle Gift Baskets for Weddings, Arrivals, Departures, and more!

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Now taking orders.. Premium Hawaiian Soy Candle Gift Baskets!

Give a gift that can go almost anywhere... That brings back the memories of Paradise... 

Hawaiian-Candles.com is proud to offer custom gift baskets full of Aloha that will provide a warm welcome, departure, or addition to any Hawaiian or Mainland event. Nothing speaks of your warm aloha wishes better than a custom soy candle gift basket full of aromatic fragranced, clean-burning and long lasting candles featuring some of Hawai’i’s best memories.

Your Custom Aloha Hawaiian Soy Candle Basket is ideal for:

1) Arrival parties. We’ll deliver or ship your custom gift basket almost anywhere (on Island or to the mainland.)

2) Departure parties. Nothing can send your friends off with the best memories than a custom soy candle gift basket. Unlike flowers, which also make a wonderful gift, our custom Hawaiian Soy Candles provide months or years of fragranced memories for your departing guests.

3) Wedding Favors. Please consider allowing Hawaiian-Candles.com to provide your wedding party (in Hawai’i or on the Mainland) with an extra special Hawaiian soy candle wedding favor that provides the visuals and scents of Paradise. We will customize your gift basket and candles to commemorate your special day, whether getting married or for vow renewals!

4) Anniversary Gifts. Nothing says “I love you” more than a
custom-made memory featuring Hawaiian Soy Candles! Whether you’re celebrating your anniversary in Paradise, or celebrating your anniversary in your home or in any other location, bring your partner the memories of Hawai’i with a custom anniversary Soy Candle Gift Basket!

5) Christmas and Holiday Gifts! Send your friend or family member the ultimate gift this holiday season- an Hawaiian Soy Candle gift basket! We will mail your gift basket almost anywhere with your custom greeting enclosed. A simply wonderful way to celebrate the holidays with your friend or family member.

6) Corporate Gift Baskets. Wish to welcome or send-off your company’s employees with an extra feeling of Aloha? Why not have a custom corporate Hawaiian Soy Candle gift basket prepared and delivered to your conference or company event? We’ll customize your gift basket and make it ready for presenting to your most valued staff members!

7) Company Loyalty Gift Baskets. Looking for a new gift to present to your most valued vendors or customers? Let Hawaiian-Gifts.com produce a beautiful custom Hawaiian Soy Candle Loyalty Gift Basket for you to present to your most valued partners! We will customize your candles and greeting to make this gift one of the best remembered ever.

8) New Baby Coming? Send a custom “New Baby” Hawaiian Soy Candle Gift Basket! Our clean-burning soy candles provide an excellent alternative to flowers, cards, and toys. The future parents will love and appreciate the relaxing feeling our soy candles provide, and can be stored for moths or years. New parents can become busy, but our candles are a quick and easy way for them to remember a quite time by taking a whiff or smell of our lit or unlit Hawaiian Soy Candles!

9) Birthday Parties. What better way than to send your special birthday friend a Hawaiian Soy Candle Birthday Gift Basket? We will customize it with your birthday greeting, and you can choose your special birthday recipients special fragrances!

10) Special Events. Anytime you feel the need to send a warm Aloha message, please consider sending a wonderfully scented, long-lasting, clean-buring, Hawaiian Soy Candle from Hawaiian-Candles.com! We can customize your gift basket for virtually any occasion. Call today for more information!

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Hawaiian Candle Gift Basket

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